Up At Bat

I’m infamously bad at sports (in school I was pressed into intramural service as a softball catcher — the coach, a fellow student, could hardly place me anywhere else, my arm was so bad — in which position I once, once!, made a splendid play, getting myself under a pop-up ball so gravity couldn’t help sinking it into my mitt) so the irony of this first post’s title is severe. 

Books, of course.  Movies, all over ’em.  Connecting dots, well, sure.  I also plan to insert thoughts du jour, tales of struggle and success, links, photos, and even the odd recipe or two . . . though Julie Powell has nothing to fret about.  It’s my hope that as I learn to travel by blog, we’ll all learn a tidbit or two — for cocktail convos, if nothing else.

How often?  Once weekly, at least. 

I’ll be both writing and reading, so if you like something, let me know.   Extra points for correct spelling.  Errors, point them out.  Criticism — make it mild, no bullying.  We all need to do our part toward making ours a more civil society.  On that note, this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/20/your-money/20shortcuts.html?scp=5&sq=civility&st=cse

Au revoir!


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