William & Kate Go It Alone

Doing the washing-up, that is. Scrubbing the loo. Binning the trash.  Hoovering, tidying, changing light bulbs. 

Oh, and cooking, of course.  According to Delia or Nigella? Or the ever-popular (or execrated) Jamie Oliver?

Hurray for William and Kate and their vote for a servantless house! . . . at least for the first, pre-children years.

The two shared a house at university (along with several other students), so they know the drill of sharing tasks. They’re no strangers to weekly mop-ups, Friday night curries, late Sunday morning eggs. Clearly they’ve talked it out and would rather their house be a bit untidy rather than give up their privacy.

Kate’s decision derives, perhaps, not just from her own background, but also the history of William’s mother’s experience. Diana was several years younger than Kate when she married into the Windsor firm. Servants who should have been loyal to her were not. She didn’t know whom to trust, and thus made mistakes. Had she forgone the help, her day-to-day life would not have been as seemingly effortless, but she would have had more peace of mind. Such an option, however, didn’t exist then.  

Like his mother, William seems to have a long memory.  Unlike his father, he’d apparently rather not hurt his wife by hiring – or inheriting the services of – people who would undermine Kate and the marriage while pretending support, people who would drill holes in the very boat the royal newlyweds will have just launched.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “If you want a servant you like, hire yourself.”  Kate and William will adore theirs.


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