Make Like A Guru

Meditation promotes more than mental health

Today’s New York Times carries a fascinating article on research done on the changes that meditation promotes in the brain — not concurrent, in-the-minute hooking up a human brain for an EEG, but how past meditation changes the brain and promotes wellness throughout the body.

If this article (now on the Times’s most-emailed list) is taken seriously, we’re going to see a lot more prescriptions written for meditation classes, just as physicians now routinely prescribe exercise routines and rehab for injured or sore limbs.

An age-old practice that reduces high blood pressure, restores calmness, promotes compassion and an awareness of others? Sign up the whole of civilization, and why not start in North Africa, where three countries (Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia) are experiencing growing pains and increased violence as authoritarian regimes no longer hold the sway they once did?

If anyone needs meditation, it’s Egyptians.

Because Egypt is closely aligned with the US, we’re hearing more about it than the other countries: the million man march planned for tomorrow in Cairo, whose streets are packed with men from its suburbs; the Americans and others (even Egyptian women and children) waiting at an airport that’s swamped, as pilots take care of their own families’ needs first; the looters who’ve already damaged priceless museum artifacts.

Whether President Mubarak – who purposely, despicably opened prisons, allowing rapists and murderers to run free – takes the march tomorrow as a sign that he and his 30-year regime are finished, or instead utilizes Cairo police to annihilate the men who march (while the world watches on home-grown video) remains to be seen. Anyone who, like Mubarak, closes down the internet, clearly has much to hide. Egyptian crowds are eager to uncover Mubarak’s excesses.

If only, as a boy, he’d learned to meditate.


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