Charlie, You Finally Went Too Far. Maybe. We Think.

Charlie Sheen: “You can’t process me with a normal brain”

Charlie Sheen is in the middle of a blitzkrieg on himself. He’s described as troubled, crazy, clearly delusional. Over the past two days, he’s given three lengthy interviews, appeared on the Today Show, and been quoted in newspapers all over the world.

Who knew that CBS’s “Two-and-a-Half Men” had such reach?

Fortunately, it doesn’t.

I’ve never been able to sit through an entire half-hour of the show – seeing Sheen play himself is not amusing, and as the little boy grew older, the “half-man” label seemed increasingly to apply to Charlie. It seems obvious that CBS, sticking to its guns, does not intend to renew the show, which was placed on hiatus when Sheen began his emotional autolysis. Hollywood, which generally admires Charlie’s father and elder brother (actors Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez), is unhappy with Charlie’s excesses, over-the-top self-delusion, and threats. Even his publicist resigned today.

In an unbridled statement of fantasy, Sheen’s demanding a raise in pay (he’s already the highest paid TV actor in the world – darn, I thought that title belonged to Hugh Laurie of “House”) to return to CBS.

But set aside your questions about Sheen’s drug use (he claims to be self-cured), his marital history (he’s currently single – again), the two 20-somethings who live with him and are referred to as “goddesses” (one of these young women averred today that she told Sheen when she moved in, “I’m on the bus, I don’t care where it’s going”, which is exactly what one might hear from the clinically depressed, a statement that sounds laidback and is actually apathetic).

Ignore for a moment – as CBS did – Sheen’s well-documented history of abuse toward women, which David Carr discusses in this article.

Instead, focus for a moment on the children. Sheen has fathered five of them. His eldest daughter is 25. As an adult, she faces less risk from her father’s behavior than her four half-siblings: sisters aged 6 and 7, and twin brothers who are only 2.

The younger children’s two mothers are divorced from Sheen. Their children visit him, though. Big happy family, right?

If those children were yours, and their father was in the throes of meltdown on national television, how confident would you be in his ability to care for them during visitation? Forget the “goddesses” (who supposedly pitch in on childcare), since for them, what Charlie wants, Charlie ought to get. Is there even one responsible, reasonable person in that expensive household whom you would trust with a toddler or school-age child?

Nope, didn’t think so.

I don’t know what Denise Richards (mother of the two little girls) or Brooke Mueller (the twin boys are hers) will be doing in the next week, but here’s a suggestion: ask the Family Court to modify visitation so that it must be supervised by a person approved by the mother, and then search for someone who has the guts to say “no” to Charlie.

It’s a word he hasn’t heard much.


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