What Is It With (Egyptian) Men?

How many of these men later committed shameful acts?

Just when you think the bad news from Egypt is (pretty much) over, supplanted by the bad news from elsewhere (Japan, Libya, Charlie Sheen), out comes the truth. Which is that the truth regarding Egyptian men is just beginning.

Basic Fact #1: The only person one can really control is oneself.

Basic Fact #2: Many men do not comprehend Basic Fact #1. They therefore refuse to believe it, which is like saying they don’t believe that the sun rises in the east, epochs of sunrises to the contrary.

So, in self-deception, they seek to control other people. Especially those who are smaller than they: women and children.

(All over the world – currently featured in Congo – gang rapes are a horrifying act of war. In Congo, men rape women and girls. They also rape men. They also rape children and even babies, which is immediate murder, since their small organs are literally split apart. How men rationalize this behavior is beyond me. It is insulting to the rest of the animal kingdom to term it “bestial”.)

In the freeing of Egypt from Mubarak and his ilk, women played important roles. Like their brothers, they protested, they wrote, they chanted, and they risked their lives. Under arrest, though, female activists were subject to greater penalties.

The Los Angeles Times reports today that Egyptian women arrested by pro-Mubarak military were not only beaten and tortured, they were forced to take “virginity tests” physically administered by a male physician, and watched – and photographed – by male soldiers. If the women didn’t “take” the tests, they would be charged with prostitution and tossed into prison.

How many male protestors were given “virginity tests”? None, of course. Not even an interview.

Here, male control equaled public embarrassment, humiliation and degradation.

How men rationalize this behavior is beyond me. As above, it’s an insult to the rest of the animal kingdom to term it “bestial”.

It’s not hard to understand, guys. Control yourselves. That’s what it’s about. You’ll have your hands full doing that.

And keep in mind that a society where men are benefited at the expense of women and children is a society that is not only rotten, but which will also – ultimately – fail.

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