No More Women, No More Prostitution? Ha!

Asian men -- too many for society's health


It sometimes happens that the book or person or title we knew was out there in cyberspace somewhere, plops into our lap unexpectedly, no search necessary. That happened today. I recalled reading an article about young boys being sexually abused by Afghan men (even married ones, whose mantra is apparently, “Women are for babies, boys are for pleasure”) who keep them, give the boys gifts, but daily cause them enormous pain, and refuse to regard themselves as homosexual “because we are not in love with the boys”.


I’d been intending to search for the article, and bam – it fell as manna from the sky. Here it is.


Why was I about to search for this article? Because, in designing the nonfiction book about Asian gendercide (and its effect on the West) which I’m writing, it occurred to me that I needed to detail what would happen in India and China when women of childbearing age become rare.


No longer will female prostitutes be pimped out to 30 men per day, as happens in the slums of Mumbai and Kolkata. Nearly all of these girls and women suffer from depression (so would you, if your body was repeatedly invaded by strangers forcing themselves into you), which means the “johns” are taking advantage of mentally ill people. In addition, many of them have been sold, primarily in Nepal with its tradition of getting rid of excess daughters to slavers who bring them to India, so they are unwilling prostitutes who would rather rejoin their families in the mountains.


Over the next twenty years, with sex-selective abortion continuing to rise in India and China (the practice is now also spreading throughout Southeast Asia and west into the former Soviet Socialist Republics), women will become too valuable as child-bearers to be rented out in prostitution. They will be secluded, even hidden, in order to prevent abduction, and perhaps shared between two brothers or cousins or friends. They will likely rarely see another woman, unless they need medical care or midwifery, and healthcare professionals and aides will make house-calls in order to treat women who are rarely allowed to leave their homes.


But since the indulged boys of India and China will have grown into entitled, need-to-be-indulged young men, some will want sex outside marriage, and many who have no wife at all will want sex with anyone. With women unavailable, whose bodies will they use, who will they enslave?


Boys, of course.


There will be no dearth of boys. Already, the skewing of sex ratios at birth rises each year. The husbands who insist on sons, the prospective grandparents who pressure their daughters-in-law to abort female fetuses again and again, hoping for an eventual boy to show up on the ultrasound screen – they have no idea what they’re doing. Because in addition to the chaos that will ensue when too many people commit testosterone-fueled aggression and violence, boys will also be victimized.


Boys from poor families, retarded boys, boys with congenital defects, blind boys – these will be at special risk.


Since there will be few women allowed out and about, who will protect them? Who will reveal the harm and rescue them? Who will act?


No one.


At a conference on water earlier this year, an Indian official noted that, “The day is not far off when there will be no girls to marry and we’ll all become gays.” Setting aside questions of sexuality (is it immutable or labile?), the question is not whether men will have sex with men (some will, some won’t), the issue is that of victimization of children.


That should concern everyone in the West who thinks the fallout from Asian gendercide will stay on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

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