Sandra Fluke


“Blowback” is defined at as “the escape to the rear of gases formed during the firing of a weapon”. In other words, you fire a rifle or revolver at something or someone, and, if there’s blowback, you suffer, as well, since those gases could harm you or propel some object into your face.


Is there any better description of what has happened to Rush Limbaugh?


I’m not going to repeat his words – any of his words, not just the few he deemed appropriate subjects of his faux apology – although pundits to late-night hosts to cartoonists have been blasting back, and here is a link to a choice editorial cartoon . . . and another.


But lo! What is that? The sound of silence? Yes, it is.


Almost complete silence from the Republican side. The side, as they enjoy reminding us, of righteousness, of family values, of morality. Baseball, Mom, apple pie.


If that silence is morality, then God save us from libertinism.


Romney dithers. Santorum adds insult to injury, then zips his mouth. Gingrich – that bastion of ethical behavior – refrains from criticism. Only Paul possesses the tiny amount of guts needed to say Limbaugh was wrong, dead-in-the-water, roadkill wrong.


Not just wrong with “slut” and “prostitute”, two terms American women find deplorable. But wrong in his totality.


As Star Jones commented this morning on the Today Show (paraphrased), “It’s one thing to bully up – a candidate, a politician. But bullying down is different.” And bullying down is, as Limbaugh knows, not only ethically wrong, but likely to lead to, well, blowback. At least in this nation.


AOL is the latest Limbaugh advertiser to pull away, joining a half-dozen others. Others are testing the winds. How are people reacting? Not well. Not with the usual “oh, it’s just entertainment”.


Limbaugh, entertaining? Only if you’ve had a lobotomy. Or are a hate-filled misogynist who purposely declines to understand the reason Sandra Fluke testified. She told the story of a friend who could not afford the hormonal medication necessary to prevent disease in her ovaries (the organs that produce eggs). As a result, she had to have an ovary surgically removed, which naturally threatens her ability to become pregnant in the future.


Imagine a man who needs hormones to prevent disease in his testicles (the organs that produce sperm). If he does not get the meds, one testicle will have to be surgically nipped off. Imagine if it were suggested that that medication was not really necessary . . . that all he wanted it for was sex . . . and that he himself was morally corrupt for wanting the medication.


Imagine the outrage.


So Limbaugh and his craven Republican supporters feel that anyone whose birth control pills are paid for by insurance is a slut? A prostitute? As one man noted, “They’re talking about our wives, our daughters!” No wonder people are appalled.


Considering that Limbaugh has been married several times (adios, the sanctity of marriage) and has no children, there’s a good chance that those wives have each used some form of birth control, probably paid for by their health insurance.


Wow. I guess that means Limbaugh has married sluts.  He’s obviously used one hell of a matchmaker.

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