The Elephant-Caused Moral Crisis

Well, you know, corporations are people, too -- get vaccinated against measles, ride bikes, give birth, send their kids to school . . . like real humans. Not.


Today’s Washington Post carries a terrifically awesome piece by the fabulously monikered Katrina vanden Heuvel, entitled “Republicans are causing a moral crisis in America”.


Please click this link and take a look. It’s that good.


We’re all getting a little tired of the GOP, that bastion of cloth coats and smarmy pseudo-religious types, as they advise the rest of us how we ought to think, and what we ought to be up in arms about. It’s been particularly hard to hear that drivel from the mouth of a serial philanderer; from a man who would like to enter the bedroom of every woman in the US, to make sure she’s following his rules; and from someone who changes position with each puff of . . . wind, of course it’s wind.


The moral problem, as vanden Heuvel points out, is not with us. It’s with them, the guys running on the poorest slate the Republican Party has fielded in the last hundred years.


“It’s hard to point to a single priority of the Republican Party these days that isn’t steeped in moral failing while being dressed up in moral righteousness”, vanden Heuvel writes. So true. Look at the cafeteria Catholicism of Santorum. Big on moral outrage over abortion, but once the baby’s born, there’s no compassion there.


He and his fellow pachyderms are all about tax cuts for the very rich. They’re all about war, and invasions, because those provide excuses for defense spending. They’re absolutely for less regulation of, say, banking, when anyone with even the tiniest bit of vision can see that the economic mess we’re in is due to lack of regulation.


But you want contraception? Gay marriage? The stability of a nation that has a healthcare system, rather than a marketplace? Money for decent schools and roads? Fuggeddaboutit.


If they could, these guys would take America back to pre-World War I. Call it 1912, two years before the archduke’s assassination. Pre-income tax, pre-civil rights law, pre-women’s votes. A time when many black men didn’t feel they could vote, because someone white would make sure they hobbled home . . . if they lived. A time before divorce became no-fault (though spouse-on-spouse murders were rampant – one reason for liberalizing divorce laws), a time when abortion wasn’t safe even if you had money . . . because it was pre-antibiotics time, too.


Don’t know about you, but I don’t want the US to roll back a century of history and hard-won victories for people who don’t necessarily fit the profile of the first American voters (white, male, over 21, and owners of property – in other words, like the GOP slate).


I’d like the US to move ahead, to become better than it is. There’s always room for self-improvement, right?


Who was that man who said something about not paying attention to the speck in the other person’s eye, but get rid of the log in your own eye? He was onto something.


To the GOP: Your own moral failings are blinding you. You’ve got to clear your vision.


Or not. If you go down, few will mourn. We’ll be too busy, building a nation where moral choices are made visible.

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