The Stupid Service

Cartagena, Colombia


A Washington Post article details why US Secret Service agents preparing for a Cartagena, Colombia visit by President Obama were suddenly removed and replaced by other agents. It wasn’t sickness, or the press of duties elsewhere. It was, instead, their usage of prostitutes.


These were not the men who guard the President’s life – they were the ones who arrange visits, do the leg-work. The thing is, they’re not supposed to be doing the leg-over work at the same time, and it’s particularly hard to reconcile the requirements of their job (doesn’t it need self-restraint, knowledge and maturity?) with their actions, which were apparently revealed when one woman went to US authorities to complain of non-payment.


Since many prostitutes around the world have been trafficked after having been lied to, their passports removed, threatened with harm to self and/or family (including younger siblings), and are being held by men who control them, going to prostitutes almost anywhere involves a degrading usage of women who are basically enslaved — even if you don’t see chains.


Secret Service usage of prostitutes can be viewed as displaying a considerable lack of knowledge and responsibility. Just because prostitution is legal in certain areas doesn’t mean you’re not making life worse for a woman — or girl, since many are under-18 — who has no real control over her body, and who is often forced by her pimp/owner to accept penetration by up to 30 men per day. Talk about pain! Basically, these women are being raped, because there is no real consent if you fear retaliation for refusing.


Since control + pain = torture, under these circumstances, it’s not consensual sex, it’s torture.


The 11 men have been returned to the US, and placed on administrative leave. They now face investigation.


One official said, “everything they did was a violation of proper conduct. First of all, to be getting involved with prostitutes in a foreign country can leave yourself vulnerable to blackmail and threats. To be bringing prostitutes or almost anyone into a security zone when you’re supposed to protect the president is totally wrong.”


Well, yes. It was unprofessional. But it was also morally wrong (see above: trafficking, control, rape, torture). It was wrong. Not just silly or ill-advised or not up to the strict standards of the Secret Service, but abhorrently wrong.


That’s what the Secret Service should address. What is the matter with these men? And given their vile behavior, should they be guarding the POTUS?

Wouldn’t that be rewarding the contemptible?



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