Two Girls and a “Father”

Ripped from their home. Not the act of a real father.


Fugitive Adam Mayes, who had kidnapped a woman and her three daughters from Tennessee, murdered her and the eldest daughter, buried their bodies in a shallow grave (with substantial help from his wife, who is under arrest), then went on the run with the remaining sisters, ages 12 and 8, keeping them without food or water for the last three days, finally committed suicide after being spotted in Mississippi.

He had been placed on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. He had also apparently claimed for year that the two youngest girls were his biological daughters, a claim his mother-in-law dismisses.

Does anyone doubt that his intent toward the girls was anything but fatherly? Unless you’re looking at Josef Fritzl as a model dad, Fritzl who imprisoned his daughter in a cellar bunker and raped and impregnated her for years.

I see one hand up. You, at the back, you truly think Mayes was interested in nurturing?

Let me disabuse you of that ridiculous notion.

A nurturing dad does not kidnap. If he genuinely believes himself to have fathered a child, he works through the courts and gives a DNA sample. The fact that Mayes chose to forcibly take the girls and their older sister and mother, demonstrates he was not a nurturer.

Nurturers do not kill, except in self-defense or defense of those they nurture. Outright murder of a frightened woman and her terrified daughter is not the act of a warm and generous spirit.

In addition, Mayes was well-known as a controlling man. In the words of his mother-in-law, who knew him for many years and who spoke on the Today Show this morning, he was manipulative and vengeful. Those were not recently acquired traits. He apparently “ruled the roost” over his parents at the tender age of 10. If his brain were examined, he might be found to have little gray matter in the area that handles empathy, as current research demonstrates of psychopaths, those cold, controlling, manipulative people.

So, no, Mayes was not a nurturer. What possible reason would he have, then, for taking those two little girls?

Let’s see. What motive could a man have for such an act?

Exactly. Conniving, controlling, manipulative . . . sounds exactly like Brian Mitchell, who with his wife kidnapped 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart and held her captive for nine months for his own sexual abuse, raping her many times and subjecting her to repeated pain, terror and degradation.

Elizabeth Smart escaped. But the two little girls taken by Mayes? What are the chances they would be freed to tell their stories and put him behind bars?

Slim, fat and none.

So let’s not honor this misogynistic guy’s alleged dreams of being a loving, kind dad by even alluding to them. Instead, let’s recognize that some fantasies are twisted and cruel, and that the two sisters are very, very lucky that the man who murdered their mother and sister chose to end his own life when surrounded.

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