The Big Check

How much belly is too much belly?


I’ve written before of how excess weight affects the testosterone balance in both men and women, which leads to less energy, lower libido, and increased consumption – for men – of ED drugs . . . when just weight loss would make things perk up again, get you “back in the game”, as an advertising campaign puts it.


The reason for the disruption in the balance of testosterone lies in the fact that fat stores estrogen, even when you don’t want it to. It’s not something you can will away: “Ten extra pounds, you vill NOT hoard ze estrogen, understandt?” With more estrogen than you can use – or than is healthy, since excess estrogen nurtures cancer cells – the testosterone you have is outweighed, literally, by your fat.


A smaller percentage of testosterone means slow, bludgy days. Zippo energy. And a libido that quit hours ago.


But how much fat is too fat, for men?


A new British campaign sets the answer right before your very eyes. Called “The Big Check”, it asks: Can you see your penis by simply glancing down? After you use the urinal, for example. Can you see it without having to lift away your belly?


A UK website, We Love Our Health, puts it like this: “New research shows 1 in 3 men are unable to see their penis. If your stomach is starting to obstruct the view of your manhood you shouldn’t ignore it; not only can it knock years off your lifespan, but it could put you at serious risk from life-threatening illness.”


Talk about an easy way to tell if you need to let go of poundage!


Releasing your manhood-blocking weight is also good for heart health, brain health (strokes and such), and high cholesterol – the latter is implicated in erectile dysfunction and impotency, too.


Since most men pay more attention to their cars than to their own health, the website has a page of tips for the women who love them, on how to get your guy to take care of his own, er, engine and other parts.


So, men, pop quiz. Stand up. Look down. See it?


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