More Deaths by Gun

First responders


I wrote yesterday about the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its loathsome, unworkable, juvenile call to put armed guards in every school.


Today, it looks like I’ll be writing about the NRA’s loathsome, unworkable, juvenile call to put armed guards on every fire truck.


In Webster, New York, five firefighters responding to a house blaze were gunned down by a man with an assault-type rifle. He killed two of the first responders. Two more are in hospital. The last firefighter was injured but is not hospitalized.


Then the murderer, a 62-year-old man who had served 17 years of prison time for killing his grandmother, a man who should never have been allowed near a gun, killed himself.


The crime scene was an ambush. The man had purposely set his car alight. He called 911, then lay in wait. He meant to draw in and murder the firefighters, just like the Colorado man who rigged his apartment with 30 bombs and left loud music to play on a timer, hoping his neighbors would call police to the blasting music.


So, what will be the NRA response now? Will it be to ban assault rifles, which are not used in hunting, whose only purpose is to kill people very quickly indeed? Will it be to make owning a gun intensely difficult, with stringent procedures and regular checks? Will it be to jack up the price of guns and ammunition?


Can you imagine the NRA’s puppet voice, Wayne LaPierre, saying anything remotely sane, healthy and reasonable?


Neither can I. Off we go again, “more guns make everyone safer,” blah blah blah.


While more and more Americans are murdered by people using guns.


Other countries have calculated the risks and benefits, concluding that easy access to guns threatens everyone’s safety. When will we do the same math?

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