The Protection Racket


No one’s claiming they got paid.


It might make more sense if they had taken money under the table. At least then we’d know why, time after time, they allowed a criminal to stay free to commit more offenses against children.


I’m talking about the police officers – dozens? hundreds? – who over decades protected Jimmy Savile, the UK’s most prolific rapist, predator and abuser of children.


The Independent reveals that as early as 1963, police received reports of Savile’s abuse.


“But in each case officers failed to mount competent investigations or to ‘join the dots’ of the evidence held by different forces, allowing him to continue raping and sexually assaulting hundreds of victims.”


In addition, they failed to tell potential witnesses that they were not alone, that others like them existed, which might have given them the strength to testify against Savile. Instead, many felt that as a sole complainant, they would not be able to counter Savile, who was not only adult, but a famous UK entertainer.


In addition, since few rape victims are believed, they knew that Savile’s well-paid lawyers would try to shred them in court.


So Savile was allowed to go on his way to molest and rape even in a children’s hospital.


Now, how many Saviles exist around the world?


How many men are being protected by police officers who have sworn to protect the innocent, not the guilty? Whether they subvert their oath for pay or pride or “there but for the grace of God go I”, the fact is they are allowing pain to continue and multiply. They’re allowing children to be hurt, tortured, and terrorized. They are permitting men to violate the bodily integrity and the mental balance of children.


Abuse doesn’t happen once, then go away. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been demonstrated to reach levels as high in rape survivors as in combat troops at war, and sometimes greater.


Whoever the men in the protection racket are, they are not innocent. It’s not a question of looking the other way or sliding over a slippery slope. What they’re doing is permitting domestic terrorism to flourish. That’s a very large pain footprint.


They’re as guilty as the perpetrator.

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