This is Lorde.


If you are tired unto death of the Miley Cyrus twerking, tongue-lolling, prove-I’m-no-kid-by-acting-ridiculous media machine, if you believe there is no escape, that young female singers are all into the same sad routine of satisfying – or engendering – male fantasies, there is a remedy:




The girl will turn 17 this month, and wow, can she sing. Fully clothed. Her tongue stays in her mouth – or in her cheek, with the way she transforms lyrics.


Her song “Royals” hit number one on many charts despite setting aside the glitz and glamour lyrics of at least half the current pop oeuvre. Instead, she makes the point that teenagers’ “lives are super mundane and we’re basically in this transition period waiting for something to happen to us”.


Lorde turned down a chance to open for Katy Perry on a world tour because, well, she is still attending high school in New Zealand.


Miley fans despise her. They’ve trolled, they’ve issued death threats. Which Lorde takes lightly, even when called a “crusty old hag”. She’s actually four years younger than Cyrus.


When asked if she would at some point issue a video of herself naked as a statement of maturity, Lorde responded, “No, I think I’m good there.” Cool, very cool.


And with regard to Taylor Swift’s forte, writing songs about past boyfriends and yearned-after men, the Kiwi has said, “… I feel like that isn’t maybe the best thing for young girls to be hearing or molding their lives around. Maybe they aren’t the best values for young people and that’s another thing I hold with importance: come on, it doesn’t all have to be about a boy.”


Lorde seems to be neatly sidestepping what has been called the malevolent idiocy of celebrity culture in 2013. For which, thank her lucky stars.


No foam finger, no barely-there costume. Just beautiful music. Lend an ear to Lorde.




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