A Horror Story

What normally happens right after birth.


A man visits another country on a two-week work training trip. While there, he has a panic attack and a mental breakdown. Rather than return him to his own country, whose medical services stand ready to help, social workers in the host country decide to detain him for treatment. In doing so, they determine that for the man’s own good, he must have major surgery that carries a risk of death through anesthesia or malpractice. A judge agrees with social services, and – again without consulting medical personnel in the man’s own country – surgeons operate on him without his consent. They then take what they removed from his body and place it on display, but permit him to go home.


Sounds like a dystopian novel, does it not? Brave New World, 1984, Bladerunner.


It is not fiction. It happened to an Italian visiting England last year.


Only two things were altered in the above account: The Italian was not male, but female, and she was pregnant.


What was forcibly removed from her body in a Caesarean done without her consent, was her fetus. That fetus is now a 15-month-old girl who was not permitted to breastfeed nor stay with her mother, nor return to Italy with the woman who gave her life, but was instead placed in an English foster home by English social services – the same people who ordered that the mother undergo risky, early, forced surgery instead of giving birth naturally when labor began.


This is probably the most egregious case of human rights abuse perpetrated by UK social services.


The family courts in Britain have been allowed for many years to operate under a blanket (or, if you like, a fog) of confidentiality. This supposedly protects the identity of the child at issue. What it actually does is permit bureaucrats and jobsworths to get away with corrupt actions that would be repellant to right-minded, caring people.


Now that the story has been brought into the light, caring people all over Europe are outraged. The Italian government is roundly condemning the actions of English social services. So are reasonable people in Britain.


One newspaper reported an English lawyer’s words: “‘I have never heard of anything like this in all my 40 years in the job. I can understand if someone is very ill that they may not be able to consent to a medical procedure, but a forced caesarean is unprecedented.’”


The Italian is trying to get her daughter – this is her third child – back to join the family. The English authorities are attempting to make the baby girl adoptable. They maintain that the child will be at risk in Italy because the mother may have a relapse – ignoring Italian medical services available to her – and have rejected the offer of a family friend to care for the child because there is no “blood tie”.


There would be no blood tie with an adoptive UK family, either, a point that seems to escape the bureaucrats’ scrutiny.


The whole story smacks of vile abuse, of regarding the woman as a container to be opened at will, with no subsequent right to her own child.


She has attorneys going to bat for her, and it is likely they will file suit against every single British person involved, including the obstetrician who, Nazi-like, operated on her without her consent simply because a judge had signed an order to do so.


“Oh, brave new world, that has such people in’t.” That line, from Shakepeare’s “The Tempest”, is said by Miranda. From her excited perspective as one of two human inhabitants of an island, other people look miraculous. What she sees, however, are sailors drunkenly staggering from their storm-tossed, rock-wrecked ship.


In the story above, the offending Britons created a hellish world where any pregnant woman can be forced to submit to surgery, and, if she survives, lose all claim to her child.


They, too, were drunk . . . drunk on power.


They, and others like them, must be stopped. The girl should be immediately returned to her Italian mother, with no follow-up by UK social services, and the public servants responsible for such horror (social workers, attorneys, judges, physicians) must be named, shamed, and sacked.




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