Anything goes. Movies and books (new/old), current events, politics, musings, reflections. I’m blogging nearly every day, so check in frequently to catch up!

I’ve been (not in order) a theater candy counter person, bookstore employee, lawyer, babysitter, certified mediator, writer, fabric salesperson, mother of three, editor, breastfeeding counselor. I speak several languages and love the richness of English – not the easiest to learn, but well worth it – lived in different parts of the US, have traveled less than I’d like, and enjoy both opera and Monty Python.

I invite your comments, and please keep it civil. We can all use more civility.

3 responses to “About

  1. Wow, this is an impressive blogger’s CV. Your life’s journey sounds like a good setting for some great stories. Consider me a new regular here.

  2. Veronica

    Hi Patrice, I hope you are well. Today I attended FEDx Youth @ FHS, my school, and one student’s talk was titled: “On line or in life” and I remembered your blog, “together alone”. What month did you write that blog? I can’t find it. The search also gave me the opportunity to read some of your stories. I hope I can start writing on my own blog some time soon.
    Best regards,


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