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You Don’t Know Jack About Isis

Their flag flying over . . . where?

Whatever it’s called – Isis, Isil, Islamic State – the men running this campaign of brutality are, according to them, reestablishing a caliphate that went out of business hundreds of years ago. They allege they follow the rules of Islam. Thus any apostates they capture deserve only the worst: beheading, burning alive, torture, sale as sexual slaves, forced “marriages” and resale to the highest bidder – sexual torture, in other words.

We’ve seen the reports. Hopefully have not watched the videos, since the mind cannot blank those images.

Just in case you’ve actually believed the spin, remember that every single week we find out more about the atrocities these men commit.

And how some non-Muslim people in the West are aiding them with money.

The Isis men started out making money through ransom paid for captives. They moved on to oil – smuggled and sold. And drugs. A great deal of heroin from Afghanistan is funneled through Isis coffers. Every heroin addict is financing brutality against innocent people.

Now it’s selling on the loot they retrieve from the Christian and Muslim buildings they tear down. The teardowns are carefully orchestrated. A man who knows antiquities and their value first organizes the removal of valuable artifacts. Only then is the building demolished. The treasures are sorted, catalogued, and offered for sale through intermediaries. Often, their buyers are wealthy collectors in Europe and the Americas. People who persuade themselves they’re saving irreplaceable artifacts are in fact helping Isis torture progress through the Middle East and now in North Africa. In Libya, they close in on Europe with plans to invade across the Mediterranean.

Crete is only 200 sea miles away. If Isis were to reach the northernmost part of Tunisia, Sicily is a hop of less than 100 miles.

The European buyers of looted artifacts are essentially financing threats to other Europeans.

The sale of antiquities is “clean”. A distinct contrast to the blood and pain that accompanies another new method of getting money: harvesting organs from captured, living people.

According to the Express, “Some 10,000 black market operations involving human organs take place each year across the globe – more than one an hour. Desperate patients will pay gangs more than $200,000 (nearly £128,000) for a kidney, WHO concluded.” This is especially true in nations like China where organ donation is uncommon.

The victims are not donors. They do not give consent. They are simply drugged, pushed into surgery, and slashed. Some do not survive. They are not meant to survive.

Unlike the novel and film Never Let Me Go – where children are brought up in a dystopian future as intended shells for their genetically matched organs, taken one by one – Isis demands money now. Now, now, now. Doctors who refuse to commit these crimes are themselves murdered.

This is brutality with no religious stamp.

Captured Isis fighters have indicated they were drugged with cocaine and hallucinogenics in order to fling themselves into battle without a care. That may be true.

What is also true is that after battle, the men of Isis stoke themselves up to brutalize women and children. This is the fate worse than death, being abused by a “husband” or captor high on liquor and Viagra. Who sees a frightened girl (as young as eight years old, according to escaped women) as someone to attack over and over. The brutality of their assaults has been viewed by doctors. Wounds, torn tissues, fistulas (which can be repaired only through surgery – denied under Isis, of course), unbearable pain.

This is Islamic behavior? No.

When an Isis man tires of his “bride”, he simply sells her on to another man. While girls and women cower, fearing the next man will be even more brutal. Suicides among captured girls and women are common. In killing themselves, they avoid beatings, torture, rape and sexual trafficking. The selling of sexual slaves is not just among Isis men, but also to local businessmen.

The girls who left European families to join jihad, like these, find they are not given the glorified role they assumed. They are quickly forced to marry, often become pregnant (with all the attendant risks for teenagers), and are cast aside. Even their Facebook accounts are hijacked. They disappear and may by now be dead. Or the punching bag for another man.

Meanwhile, very few escape Isis. Those who are caught are murdered. The traumatized few who make it to safety bear witness. We know very little about the brutal men who drive stolen trucks through Muslim-majority countries. That they resemble Nazis and the SS is patently true. Nazis with mobile phones and internet.

Imagine Hermann Goering or Reinhard Heydrich with modern technology. Gestapo men would have gotten their orders as they ran. The Holocaust machinery would have been assembled much more quickly. Millions would have died in a shorter time. Meanwhile, they would have been financed through sales of resources, smuggled drugs, snatched organs, stolen artifacts. (The Nazis did get money through many of those means, but in a slower time.)

In Isis, that’s what confronts the world.

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Prostitution Is Temporary Slavery

No shackles, no chains. Still lack of freedom.


It sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? I hear the arguments. Prostitution is more like rental or leasing, it’s nowhere near shackles and chains.

So shackles and chains define slavery? In what universe?

People in 1850s Georgia, especially children, would never have been able to pick so much cotton in shackles and chains. Yet they were no less slaves.

Oh, but there was a bill of sale, too. Proof that the owner, well, possessed human beings.

There has to be a bill of sale? Tell that to the millions of slaves in India, many of them children who are given over to slavery because of their parents’ debts. No bill of sale there.

But . . . but . . . it’s not ownership of a female or male prostitute. It’s like a rental car – you take it out for a spin and return it.

Let’s examine that repugnant analogy. First, humans aren’t “taken out for spins”. Second, when you rent a car, you are responsible for its condition when you return it. Crack the windshield, you pay. Tear off a hubcap, you pay.

If a prostitute, female or male, were truly “rented”, the johns who beat them would pay damages at the end of their session. Truth is, they don’t. People who are beaten and assaulted are never recompensed. In fact, they might be beaten again by their pimp.

Not do most prostitutes have much control over the acts they are required to perform or the ways their bodies are penetrated. Especially not if they’ve been trafficked, have been forcibly addicted to drugs, are mentally ill because of the way they’re treated (over 90%) and/or are under 18.

What the johns do is acquire temporary possession over someone else’s body without her/his informed and valid consent. Sometimes they return that body in relatively unchanged condition. Sometimes, they don’t.

You know what that makes them? It makes them possessors – even for a brief interlude – of another human being. It makes them slave-owners.

Despite weird apologists like Cliven Bundy, people in Western nations claim to hate slavery as an human rights offense, so where is the outrage over this? We despise the Shia Islamic notion of temporary marriage, nikah mut’ah, viewing it as just another excuse for abuse of women and girls, so why is the temporary slavery of prostitution okey-dokey?

It’s because few people have made the connection between the two. Just as in pre-Civil War times, most white citizens in the southern US accepted that darker-skinned people had fewer rights. That was regarded as immutable law. Until the truth came crashing in.

Paying for sex ought to be illegal. That’s what the Nordic countries have legislated, and a similar push is on in the UK.

Not because prostitution is unhealthy – though it is – not because it’s demeaning and dangerous, though it’s that, too.

It should be illegal because it turns johns into temporary slave-owners, and slavery is an offense against human rights.



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Too Little. Much Too Late.


The Chinese government has recently eased some of its decades old one-child restrictions. Now, if one or both spouses in a marriage grew up as an only child, they may be permitted to have a second baby.


The new law is intended to address the widespread abortion of female fetuses in a society that favors male babies so highly that a doctor has been arrested for trafficking newborn boys. (After telling the shocked new parents that their children were too ill to survive, or that they were born with congenital conditions unacceptable to most Chinese families, and promising to get rid of the infants’ bodies, the doctor then sold the little boys on to wealthy parents hundreds of miles away. Only the tenacity of one set of deceived parents discovered her crime.)


It’s a nice thought, preventing femicide in the womb by allowing parents two children.


The thing is, it won’t work.


The proof lies to the southwest. In India.


India has no one-child policy. In rural areas, families tend to be large, although girls are still likely to have less food and less care, especially if they have a twin brother. Even though bridal dowry is technically illegal, once girls enter adolescence the payment of dowries occupies the thoughts and finances of many beleaguered families.


Better, the thinking goes, to eliminate the need for dowries by aborting female fetuses.


The Indian middle and upper classes – for whom dowry may not be a concern at all, if they are modernized, Westernized, or simply law-abiding – are already doing this. Among those couples, the ideal family has shrunk from “as many as God wills” through “as many as we have to have in order to get a boy” (making him the youngest child in more than a few families) to its current two children. Both male.


Coincidence? Hardly. Male babies are just as favored in India as in China. Pregnant women are under almost as much pressure there to produce boys. They have the same access as Chinese women to ultrasounds and blood tests to reveal the baby’s sex, and even though abortion for sex-selection purposes is against Indian law, that law is ignored.


Thus, even though Indian women of childbearing age are allowed to have as many children as they and their husbands wish, the de facto result of tradition plus technology plus law-breaking is often a pair of sons.


So, China. You think you can counter your extraordinary problem of skewed female-male birth rates by permitting certain couples to have more than one child, in the face of family pressure and technology? Sorry. It will not be that easy.


You will need to criminalize the abortion of female fetuses, offer extra bonuses to parents of newborn daughters (including ring-fenced admissions to universities), and by a combination of social media and education foster a wave of little girls to counter the current dearth.


You must also make harming them – by murder, rape, kidnapping, assault – a capital crime . . . which would carry the side benefit of eliminating some serial pain creators, mostly male.


Not that this will prevent the gangs and violence that a mostly-male cohort of adolescent and 20-somethings inevitably produces. But bringing your skewed sex ratio back to birth-normal (100 girls to 106 boys) will have knock-on beneficial effects.


Start today. There’s no time to waste.



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